1945 How it all Began

As with every successful story, this one too begins with one ambitious man. A man of skill, foresight and a natural instinct for business.

Electra’s founder, Julius Yehuda Gesundheit, was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1911, moved to Palestine with his family in 1926 and later studied at The Royal College of Engineering in London. In 1945, after the war had ended, aged 34, ambitious and highly motivated, Julius Yehuda Gesundheit decided to pave his own path and begin building his future. He recruited to the task Dr. Shaul Lipschitz, Ford’s first agent in Israel and Dr. A.Z. Cohen, a chemicals agent.

The partnership began to operate under the name Electra, and was Westinghouse’s only representation in Israel. In those days Westinghouse produced a wide range of electronic goods, from turbines to light bulbs, which were replacing candles and kerosene burners. At this time Israel suffered from a huge shortage of light bulbs, an unfortunate state which enabled Electra to obtain its first importing license.

With one secretary, two partners and initial capital of 25,000 Palestinian pounds, Electra enabled local residents to purchase imported home electrical appliances – It was a solid start.

Gesundheit brought Israel into the age of electricity, and marked the start of Electra’s long and successful journey.

*Also this year – Electra expands its activities to include elevators.